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9 Opportunities

worth USD 1.69 bn

A key driver of India's infrastructural growth

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Real Estate

5 Opportunities

worth USD 30.55 mn

Urban area population will increase from 460 to 600 million between 2018-31

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Waste & Water

4 Opportunities

worth USD 38.96 mn

Wastewater treatment sector is growing at a CAGR of 15.3%

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Project ID: 17336

Drainage Project

USD 0.66 mn

State(s) | Sikkim Sub-Sector | Sewerage Ownership | Government
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3 Opportunities

worth USD 28.43 mn

India has seen the fastest investment growth in energy in the world


1 Opportunities

worth USD 132.24 mn

Healthcare industry in India is projected to reach USD 372 Bn by 2022

IT & Telecom

1 Opportunities

worth USD 1.06 mn

India has the 2nd largest telecom network in the world


1 Opportunities

A key driver of growth in the service sector in India.

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