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About Telangana

Telangana was formed in 2014 with the division of Andhra Pradesh. It recorded a growth of 15% in its GSDP in 2018-19. The state has an installed power capacity of over 15GW, with over 40 per cent being contributed by green energy sources. There are also 67 notified Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in the state. The capital city of Hyderabad is a hub for information technology (IT), pharmaceutical and ESDM sectors.


  • 601 Opportunities
  • USD 118.05 bn Worth

Mode of Implementation

  • 300 EPC
  • 39 PPP
  • 13 To Be Finalized
  • 5 Pure Private
  • 4 Others
  • 3 Not Disclosed
Telangana | Requirement


Roads & Highways

99 Opportunities

worth USD 9.87 bn

Roads & Highways

Electricity Generation

66 Opportunities

worth USD 7.37 bn

Electricity Generation


54 Opportunities

worth USD 1.6 bn



41 Opportunities

worth USD 660.83 mn


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Project ID: 704813

Airport Express Metro Line Development Project

USD 641.4 mn

State(s) | Telangana Sub Sector | Metro
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Project ID: 706775


USD 23.64 bn

State(s) | Telangana Sub Sector | Telecommunication & Telecom Services
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Project ID: 704864

Kaleshwaram Irrigation Development Project

USD 10.08 bn

State(s) | Telangana Sub Sector | Irrigation
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Project ID: 701644

DDUGJY Power Distribution Project

USD 7.43 bn

State(s) | Telangana Sub Sector | Electricity Distribution

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    14 October
  • Telangana ICT Policy 2016

    Establishing the state as a prime investment destination for technology companies.

  • Telangana Solar Power Policy 2015

    To realize and harness the vast solar power potential of the State.

  • Telangana Cyber Security Policy 2016

    Promote the state as an ideal destination for cyber security firms and startups to develop cyber security products

  • Telangana Industrial Policy Framework

    To attract and realize new international and national investments in the industrial sector.

  • Telangana Data Centres Policy 2016

    To develop data centres for promoting infrastructure development of areas identified under the state ICT Policy

  • Telangana Life Sciences Policy 2015-20

    To enhance the competitiveness of the sector and attract $ 3 bn investments by 2020.

  • Telangana Data Analytics Policy 2016

    Position itself as a preferred destination for the best data analytics firms from across the world

  • Telangana Innovation Policy 2016

    Aims at developing physical infrastructure and program management capabilities.

  • Telangana State Open Data Policy 2016

    Provide a framework for protection of government data.

  • Telangana Image Policy 2016

    To make Hyderabad the most favored destination for Animation, Visual effects, Gaming and Comics sector.

  • Telangana policy on Rural Technology Centres 2016

    Establishing technology centres in all districts and generating employment

  • Telangana IOT Policy 2017

    To attract investments worth INR 10,000 cr and generate employment.

  • E-Waste Management Policy 2017

    To assist the highly unsafe unorganized sector transition into the organized sector through various initiatives

  • Telangana Food Processing and Preservation Policy 2017-22

    Aims at creation, modernization and expansion of food processing units.

  • Telangana Industrial Project Approval and Self Certification System Act, 2014

    To provide speedy processing of licenses, certificates and clearances required for setting up industries

  • Telangana Electronics Policy 2016

    Aims to attract investments to the tune of $ 3 bn in the Electronics sector by 2020.