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Empowering Tomorrow: Exploring Investment Prospects in India's Transmission & Distribution Landscape.
Step into the future by investing in the dynamic realm of Transmission & Distribution. The strategic initiative "One Nation – One Grid – One Frequency" seamlessly connects regional grids, enabling enhanced power availability and transfer across the nation.
With an inter-regional transmission capacity of 1,12,250 MW, the National Grid ensures reliable power transmission. Transmission lines spanning 4,64,286 ckm and Transformation Capacity of 11,48,167 MVA underscore India's prowess. Fueling this momentum, plans envision adding 17,500 Ckm of Transmission Lines and 80,000 MVA Transformation Capacity annually over three years.
The Government's visionary 'Transmission System for Integration of over 500 GW RE Capacity by 2030' identifies potential renewable energy sites, aligning with sustainable goals. Explore investment horizons in Transmission & Distribution projects, synergizing growth and energy efficiency. The 'Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme' further solidifies reliable power supply, with a significant USD 36.74 billion allocation and USD 11.81 billion support from the Central Government.

Transmission & Distribution Snapshot

  • 506 Opportunities
  • USD 91.58 bn Worth

Mode of Implementation

  • 391 EPC
  • 54 PPP
  • 50 Pure Private
  • 6 To Be Finalized
  • 3 Others
  • 2 Not Disclosed
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Sub-Sectors in Transmission & Distribution

Electricity Distribution

259 Opportunities

USD 26.74 bn worth

Vision to provide last mile connectivity and electricity connection to the remaining un-electrified households in the country.

Electricity Transmission

247 Opportunities

USD 64.84 bn worth

Transmission lines in India aggregate to a total length of 413,407 circuit kilometre (ckm)

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