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About Meghalaya

Located in the Northeast of India and has the highest amount of rainfall in the country. The diverse range of soil types support various agricultural crops like rice, maize, pulses, oilseeds, cotton, jute and mesta. The state has achieved success in the cultivation of non-traditional crops like tea, cashew nut, oilseeds, tomato, mushroom, wheat, etc. It has abundant deposits of coal, limestone, granite, quartz, kaolin feldspar, industrial clay and uranium. Meghalaya also has huge potential for development of hydropower and tourism.


  • 70 Opportunities
  • USD 4.31 bn Worth

Mode of Implementation

  • 53 EPC
  • 6 To Be Finalized
  • 3 PPP
  • 2 Others
  • 1 Pure Private
Meghalaya | Requirement



40 Opportunities

worth USD 2.46 bn

A key driver of India's infrastructural growth


9 Opportunities

worth USD 826.41 mn

India has seen the fastest investment growth in energy in the world

Commercial Infrastructure

7 Opportunities

worth USD 598.14 mn

Robust commercial infrastructure is the foundation of a modern economy.

Social Infrastructure

6 Opportunities

worth USD 370.75 mn

India is building extensive social infrastructure with a string focus on health and education

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Project ID: 606459

Kynshi-I HE Project

USD 407.4 mn

State(s) | Meghalaya Sub Sector | Electricity Generation (Renewable)
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Project ID: 609544

PRASHAD Scheme, Ministry of Tourism

USD 264.05 mn

State(s) | Meghalaya Sub Sector | Tourism Infrastructure
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Project ID: 609515

Khelo India

USD 231.18 mn

State(s) | Meghalaya Sub Sector | Sports Infrastructure

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    14 October
  • Meghalaya Telecom Infrastructure Policy 2018

    To streamline the process of application and granting of permission for installation of Mobile Tower, laying of Optical Fiber Cable (OFC), In-Building Solutions (IBS) and other telecom infrastructures with time bound provisions

  • Meghalaya Industrial & Investment Promotion Scheme 2016

    Aims to promote and attract investment in the State.

  • North East Special Infrastructure Development Scheme

    To promote development of North East Region by providing financial assistance for projects.

  • Meghalaya Industrial and Investment Promotion Policy 2012

    To promote investments in all sectors, generate employment and encourage exports

  • Meghalaya Mines and Minerals Policy 2012

  • Non - Lapsable Central Pool of Resources Scheme 2016

    To develop infrastructure in North East Region

  • (Draft) Meghalaya Startup Policy 2018

    To establish Meghalaya as a 'Startup Hub' by 2023, and promote investments.

  • North East Industrial Development Scheme 2017

    To boost industrialization in the North-Eastern Region of India.

  • Meghalaya Tourism Policy 2011

    To promote tourism in Meghalaya by taking advantage of its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.