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About Bihar

Bihar is endowed with a unique location-specific advantage because of its proximity to the vast markets of Eastern and Northern India and Nepal. Bihar, fundamentally an agrarian economy, has a large agricultural and animal production base offering abundant supply of raw material for the food processing industry. Interestingly, Bihar accounts for 90% of the world production of Makhana(Fox Nuts). The State Government has also embarked on an ambitious plan to add substantial electricity generating capacity in the coming years and is targeting to achieve a total generating capacity of 7270 MW by 2021-22.


  • 423 Opportunities
  • USD 41.13 bn Worth

Mode of Implementation

  • 283 EPC
  • 63 Others
  • 47 PPP
  • 23 To Be Finalized
  • 1 Pure Private
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196 Opportunities

worth USD 26.28 bn

A key driver of India's infrastructural growth

Water & Sanitation

63 Opportunities

worth USD 1.81 bn

Har Ghar Nal se Jal and Swachh Bharat Schemes are helping India leap ahead in providing safe water and sanitation


37 Opportunities

worth USD 5.23 bn

India has seen the fastest investment growth in energy in the world

Social Infrastructure

37 Opportunities

worth USD 3.56 bn

India is building extensive social infrastructure with a string focus on health and education

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    14 October
  • Bihar Industrial Investment Promotion Act, 2016

    To promote investments, and establish new enterprises by leveraging the state resources

  • Bihar Industrial Investment Promotion Rules, 2016

    Rules formulated under the Bihar Industrial Investment Promotion Act, 2016

  • Bihar Industrial Area Management Committee Policy

    To promote participation of allottees in management of industrial Areas by BIADA

  • Bihar Information & Communication Technology Policy 2011

    To provide good governance in Bihar through IT enablement and encourage development by investment of IT/ITeS industries

  • Bihar Startup Policy 2017

    To enable Bihar emerge as the most preferred destination for startups and entrepreneurs.

  • Bihar Industrial Investment Promotion Policy 2016

    To establish Bihar as a preferred investment destination by leveraging the state?s comparative advantages.