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Fueling Growth: Exploring Investment Prospects in India's Utility and Resources Pipelines Sector.
India's economic advancement hinges on its logistics sector, with Utilities and Resources Pipelines emerging as a pivotal player. This intricate network empowers the storage and dispersion of essential resources like electricity, gas, and water. Within the logistics framework, Utility and Resources Pipelines stand as linchpins, orchestrating seamless and economical movement of goods and vital supplies.
The visionary move by the Government of India materializes in the form of the "One Nation One Gas Grid Project." This transformative initiative envisions a sprawling 33,500 km Natural Gas Pipeline network, traversing the nation. Unlock prime investment openings in Utility and Resources Pipelines projects, aiding economic growth and resource efficiency. Secure your stake in India's evolving logistics landscape, fostering both progress and sustainability.

Utility and Resources Pipelines Snapshot

  • 13 Opportunities
  • USD 2.44 bn Worth

Mode of Implementation

  • 11 EPC
  • 1 Pure Private
  • 1 PPP
  • 0 To Be Finalized
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Bulk Material Transportation Pipelines

13 Opportunities

USD 2.44 bn worth

The government envisages a National Gas Grid, providing industrial access pan-India

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