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Invest in BFSI Ventures in India: Capitalize on Thriving Prospects
Uncover exceptional investment avenues within India's dynamic BFSI sector. The Indian Fintech Market, valued at USD 31 billion, stands as the globe's third-largest. A colossal transformation is underway – banking assets are set to surpass USD 28.5 trillion, and mutual funds' assets are primed to quintuple by 2025. Championing Fintech adoption, India secures the top spot globally. Witness the surge towards digitalization as the country anticipates digital payments to touch USD 10 trillion by 2026, encompassing nearly 65% of all transactions. An integral game-changer, the UPI (Unified Payments Interface), conceptualized by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), has redefined digital payments. With 40% of all digital transactions attributed to UPI, it has facilitated over 6.58 billion financial transactions. Explore investment opportunities in BFSI projects in India and partake in this financial revolution. Embark on a profitable journey now.

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  • 128 Opportunities
  • USD 6.81 mn Worth

Mode of Implementation

  • 1 EPC
  • 1 To Be Finalized
  • 0 PPP
  • 0 Pure Private
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BFSI – Fintech

127 Opportunities

USD 4.92 mn worth

Public Space Development caters to infrastructure areas which are not covered by other sectors under IIG.

BFSI - Banking

1 Opportunities

USD 1.89 mn worth

BFSI - Banking

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