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Lakshadweep Islands, lying in the Arabian Sea, are a group of 36 islands. The islands are well connected with 10 minor ports and an airport in Agatti. With lagoon area of about 420,000 HA, Lakshadweep Islands have a high scope for the fisheries sector. The varied flora, fauna and coral reefs along the islands attract domestic and international tourists. The islands also offer a great destination for water sports. The Ministry of Shipping has identified 10 locations in the UT to be developed in phase-I of its Lighthouse Tourism initiative. The island also has an abundance of coir resources, with an upcoming coir cluster in Androt Island.


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    14 October
  • Islands Development Scheme 2018

    To establish industrial units in Lakshadweep and Andaman & Nicobar Islands

  • Lakshadweep Tourism Policy

    To promote investments in sustainable tourism, and generate employment.