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Nurturing Health and Innovation: Exploring Investments in India's Pharma, Biotech & Lifesciences Realm.
Delve into the realm of opportunities within India's vibrant Pharma, Biotech & Lifesciences sector, a convergence of health, innovation, and potential.
A global powerhouse, India ranks as the third-largest pharmaceutical industry by volume and the fourteenth largest by value. The trajectory continues skyward, with the Indian pharmaceutical market poised to ascend to a staggering USD 130 Billion by 2030. Over 80 Pharma clusters dot the nation's landscape, nurturing a robust ecosystem, and fostering innovation within 10,500 manufacturing facilities.
India's distinct identity lies in the production of affordable and high-quality generic drugs, extending its impact worldwide. A resounding testament, India's leadership in vaccine supply resonated through distribution to over 100 countries during the COVID-19 era.
Empowering progress, the Scheme for Strengthening of Pharmaceuticals Industry forms a cornerstone, bolstering existing infrastructure through financial support to pharma clusters. Its three-pronged approach covers Common Facilities, Pharmaceutical Technology Upgradation, and Promotion and Development of Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices.
Investment opportunities await within the Pharma, Biotech & Lifesciences realm, where the fusion of health, innovation, and prosperity unfolds.

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50 Opportunities

USD 3.9 mn worth

India is the largest provider of generic drugs globally.

Medical Equipment / Devices

32 Opportunities

USD 108.51 mn worth

The approximate USD 5.2 Billion worth Indian medical device sector is Asia’s fourth largest market.


16 Opportunities

USD 55.89 mn worth

India is among the top 12 biotech destinations in the world and ranks third in the Asia-Pacific region.

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    14 October
  • Guidelines on similar biologics

    To provide guidelines to applicants to enable them to understand and comply with the regulatory requirement for the authorization of similar Biologics in India.

  • Cluster development Scheme

    The Department of Pharmaceuticals has announced the scheme for cluster development programme for pharma sector to enhance, quality, productivity and innovative capabilities of the SME pharma sector in the country.

  • National Biotechnology Development Strategy (2015-20)

    It focuses on building coherence and connectivity between disciplines and bring together variegated skills across sectors to enhance synergy.

  • TB and Kala azar Scheme

    Department of Pharmaceuticals is running following two interdepartmental collaborative projects with NIPER, Mohali for development of new drugs for Tuberculosis and Kala Azar.

  • Bioincubators Nurturing Entrepreneurship for Scaling Technologies

    Bio-incubation allows harnessing of the entrepreneurial potential of start ups by providing access to infrastructure as well as mentoring and networking platforms that the start ups could use during their fledgling days.

  • Janaushadhi Scheme

    With a view to achieve the objective of making available quality generic medicines at affordable prices to all, ?Jan Aushadhi Scheme? was launched by the Department of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Government of India in November, 2008 across the country.

  • Biotechnology Ignition Grant

    The scheme was established to foster the generation of ideas with commercialization potential, upscale and validate of proof of concept, encourage researchers to take technology closer to market through a startup and stimulate enterprise formation.

  • Implementation of Scheme for Schedule M Compliance for SSI Pharma Units

    As per the second supplement of the Revised Guidelines issued by MSME on the Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS) for Technology Up-gradation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises by the Ministry of MSME on 13th July, 2009 the pharma SSI units will now be able to avail the benefits of CLCS Scheme for financial assistance for an expanded list of products from 32 to 179.

  • Bioenergy Roadmap Vision 2020

    The vision is to create biotechnology enterprise equipped with viable green and clean technologies for achieving bioenergy security.

  • Pharmaceutical Promotion Development Scheme (PPDS)

    The objective of Pharmaceutical Promotion Development Scheme (PPDS) is promotion, development and export promotion in Pharmaceutical sector by extending financial support for conduct of seminars, conferences, exhibitions, mounting delegations to and from India for promotion of exports as well as investments, conducting studies/ consultancies, for facilitating growth, exports as well as critical issues affecting Pharma sector.

  • National Guidelines for Stem Cell Research

    The guidelines reiterate that the general principles of biomedical research involving human participants shall also be applicable to all human stem cell research.

  • Open Access Policy 2015

    In order to achieve the aforementioned objectives, each institution is encouraged to set up its own inter- operable institutional open access repository (IR) for its research papers and review articles published in peer-reviewed journals.

  • National Pharmaceutical Pricing Policy 2012

    NPPP 2012 aims at the regulation of prices of drugs is on the basis of essentiality of drugs as specified under National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM)-2012,the regulation of prices of drugs is on the basis of regulating the prices of formulations only and thee regulation of prices of drugs is on the basis of fixing the ceiling price of formulations through Market Based Pricing (MBP).