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More than 70% of Manipur’s geographical area falls under forest cover. Major forest products of the state include timber, firewood and bamboo. Manipur is primarily an agriculture-based economy and has scope for commercial plantation of a variety of horticulture crops such as figs, olive and mandarin. It is the largest producer of passion fruit among Indian states. Handloom, handicraft and sericulture-based industries are most-developed in the state and contribute significantly to state income. Due to its wealth of flora and fauna, Manipur is described as a ‘flower on lofty heights’, ‘a jewel of India’ and ‘Switzerland of the East’. Its breath-taking scenic beauty makes it a tourist’s paradise. Manipur shares its border with Nagaland, Assam and Mizoram in India and the international border with Myanmar. Imphal, the state’s capital, is well-connected with an international airport having air cargo services and four national highways. The railway line on the Manipur-Assam border is being constructed on a priority basis.


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65 Opportunities

worth USD 4.1 bn

A key driver of India's infrastructural growth

Information Technology

9 Opportunities

worth USD 5.08 mn

India, the digital capabilities hub of the world houses 75 per cent of global digital talent

Real Estate

8 Opportunities

worth USD 6.77 mn

Urban area population will increase from 460 to 600 million between 2018-31

Water & Sanitation

8 Opportunities

worth USD 345.31 mn

Har Ghar Nal se Jal and Swachh Bharat Schemes are helping India leap ahead in providing safe water and sanitation

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Project ID: 700596

Imphal-Jiribam Road Construction Project

USD 234.63 mn

State(s) | Manipur Sub Sector | Roads & Bridges
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Project ID: 701400

Thoubal Irrigation Project

USD 230.2 mn

State(s) | Manipur Sub Sector | Irrigation
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Project ID: 708213

Karong - Kedima

USD 182.23 mn

State(s) | Manipur Sub Sector | Roads & Bridges
Stressed Asset

Stressed Asset ID: 9276

Brajkon Organics Pvt Ltd

No claim amount

State(s) | Manipur Sub-sector | Retail

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    14 October
  • Non - Lapsable Central Pool of Resources Scheme 2016

    To develop infrastructure in North East Region

  • North East Industrial Development Scheme 2017

    To boost industrialization in the North-Eastern Region of India.

  • Manipur Tourism Policy 2014

    To harness the tourism potential of Manipur and to attract tourists and investments.

  • Manipur IT Policy 2015

    To leverage IT as an enabler and catalyst for the socio-economic development of Manipur.

  • Manipur Industrial & Investment Policy 2017

    To encourage sustainable growth in the MSMEs sectors of Manipur.