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Prominent for its natural resources (tea, oil and natural gas), Assam is the world’s largest tea producing region. The state contributes to almost 50% of India’s total tea production and houses numerous tea parks and food processing parks. The Guwahati Tea Auction Centre (GTAC) is among the largest CTC tea auction centres in the world. Assam is also the third largest producer of petroleum and natural gas and is the largest producer of onshore natural gas in India. India's oldest operating oil refinery at Digboi, Assam hosts the highest recoverable reserves of crude oil and natural gas in India. Assam shares a geographical advantage because of its proximity to South East Asia. Its existing and ongoing infrastructural initiatives make it the ideal staging ground for businesses aiming to cater to the ASEAN markets.


  • 161 Opportunities
  • 10.08 bn USD Worth

Mode of Implementation

  • 89 PPP
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58 Opportunities

worth 4.29 bn USD

A key driver of India's infrastructural growth

Waste & Water

24 Opportunities

worth 534.02 mn USD

Wastewater treatment sector is growing at a CAGR of 15.3%

Real Estate

21 Opportunities

worth 420.69 mn USD

Urban area population will increase from 460 to 600 million between 2018-31


20 Opportunities

worth 3.72 bn USD

India has seen the fastest investment growth in energy in the world

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  • North East Special Infrastructure Development Scheme

    To promote development of North East Region by providing financial assistance for projects.

  • Assam Industrial & Investment Policy 2014-19

    To increase GSDP by way of facilitating growth of various economic activities.

  • Assam Solar Energy Policy 2017

    To create an enabling environment for businesses and developers to participate and lnvest in the process of targeted solar power capacity expansion of 590 MW by 2019-20 in the state of Assam by means of multiple models of solar power generation.

  • Assam Handloom Policy 2017-18

    To patronize handloom products as great harbinger of cultural heritage of Assam.

  • Non - Lapsable Central Pool of Resources Scheme 2016

    To develop infrastructure in North East Region

  • Assam Biotechnology Policy 2018-22

    To attain high capability in biotechnology education, research and commercialization.

  • North East Industrial Development Scheme 2017

    To boost industrialization in the North-Eastern Region of India.

  • Assam Tourism Policy 2017

    To build a global brand ?Awesome Assam? to attract national and international tourist.

  • Assam IT & Electronics Policy 2017

    To transform Assam into a sustainable and innovative society of excellence in ICT.

  • Assam Sugar Policy 2017

    To initiate sugar cultivation in Assam and to assist new co-generation sugar mills.

  • Assam Startup Policy 2017

    To transform Assam into a leading start-up hub in the country.