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Goa is a coastal state located in Western India. Goa is accessible through sea-route and has a presence of one of the 12 major ports in India at Mormugao. The state is also well-connected through rail and road routes. The National Highway-17 connects Goa with Mumbai in Maharashtra and other major cities in Karnataka. The state is richly endowed with minerals such as iron ore, manganese, ferro-manganese, bauxite and silica sand. It has about 22 industrial estates established by Goa Industrial Development Corporation. Goa has installed power capacity to produce 560 MW.


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  • USD 591.44 bn Worth

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144 Opportunities

worth USD 129.67 bn

A key driver of India's infrastructural growth

Social Infrastructure

39 Opportunities

worth USD 82.86 bn

India is building extensive social infrastructure with a string focus on health and education

Commercial Infrastructure

25 Opportunities

worth USD 17.33 bn

Robust commercial infrastructure is the foundation of a modern economy.


20 Opportunities

worth USD 251.15 bn

India has seen the fastest investment growth in energy in the world

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    14 October
  • Goa Minerals Policy 2013

    To develop and exploit mineral resources in a scientific and sustainable manner, taking into account the interest of the State, People and Environment.

  • Goa Investment Policy 2014

    To make Goa an aspirational investment destination by making business a pleasure.

  • Goa Startup Scheme 2017

    Schemes under 'Goa Startup Policy 2017'

  • Goa Beach Shack Policy 2016-19

    To accelerate the shack allotment process.

  • Goa State Mission for Food Processing Scheme

    To increase processing levels, reduces wastage and increase exports.

  • Goa Startup Policy 2017

    To promote the state as a preferred startup destination and establish a robust startup eco-system.

  • Goa State Solar Policy 2017

    To promote solar energy as a source of power in the state and establish a policy framework.

  • Goa IT Policy Schemes

    The various schemes for investment promotion under the Goa IT Policy 2018

  • Goa IT Policy 2018

    To create a globally competitive IT ecosystem, and promote investments in software products and services.

  • Goa IT Investment Policy 2015-20

    To create a world class IT infrastructure in Goa.