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Connecting Beyond Boundaries: Exploring Investment Prospects in India's Telecommunication Sector.
Embark on a digital journey of investment into India's thriving Telecommunication sector. Ranked third in attracting FDI equity inflow, this sector is a magnet for growth opportunities.
With a staggering subscriber base of 1.19 billion, India secures the second position globally for telephone connections. Notably, internet connections have surged by an impressive 232% since March 2014, while broadband connections have skyrocketed by 1238% since 2014. The advent of 5G technology further amplifies India's digital landscape, fostering enhanced connectivity.
Witness the power of progress with the Government's pioneering PLI Scheme for Telecom and Networking products, allocated USD 1.47 billion over 5 years. This visionary initiative fuels domestic manufacturing, fortifying India's position as a technological powerhouse. Seize the moment to invest in Telecommunication projects, shaping the nation's digital destiny.

Telecommunication Snapshot

  • 88 Opportunities
  • USD 37.84 bn Worth

Mode of Implementation

  • 28 EPC
  • 8 Pure Private
  • 4 PPP
  • 1 To Be Finalized
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Sub-Sectors in Telecommunication

Telecommunication & Telecom Services

55 Opportunities

USD 36.6 bn worth

Vision 2025 aims for 100% of the Indian population to be connected to the internet

Telecommunication (fixed network)

22 Opportunities

USD 831.7 mn worth

India is currently the world’s second-largest telecommunications market with a subscriber base of 1.20 billion.

Telecommunication towers

11 Opportunities

USD 408.85 mn worth

Vision 2025 aims for India to rank 1st in terms of mobile phones

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Project ID: 701593

4G Services by BSNL

USD 3.58 bn

Sub Sector | Telecommunication & Telecom Services
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Project ID: 701590

Network For Spectrum

USD 3.1 bn

Sub Sector | Telecommunication & Telecom Services

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