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Empowering India's Energy Landscape: Exploring Dynamic Storage Investment Ventures!
Discover Exceptional Investment Opportunities in Storage Projects across India
By 2030, India is set to achieve a remarkable battery storage capacity of 600 GWh. Energy storage stands as a cornerstone of the nation's energy infrastructure, intricately linked to its transition toward renewable energy sources. The National Energy Storage Mission underscores India's aspiration to lead the energy storage sector. This vision is bolstered by a well-structured policy framework designed to stimulate manufacturing, innovation, deployment, and cost-efficiency.
Envisioned to galvanize large-scale storage systems, the forthcoming Energy Storage Systems Policy will revolutionize India's energy landscape. With a technology-agnostic approach spanning electricity generation, transmission, and distribution, this policy is a transformative leap toward an energy-secure future. Embrace the investment prospects in India's burgeoning storage sector.

Energy Storage Snapshot

  • 107 Opportunities
  • USD 34.18 bn Worth

Mode of Implementation

  • 90 EPC
  • 8 Pure Private
  • 8 PPP
  • 1 Others
  • 0 To Be Finalized
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Oil/Gas/LNG Storage

107 Opportunities

USD 34.18 bn worth

Almost 42% of India's energy consumption comes from Oil and Gas

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