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Paving the Way for Progress: Exploring Roads & Highways Investments in India.
Discover boundless investment prospects in India's extensive Roads & Highways sector.

With a colossal road network spanning an impressive 6.3 million km, India secures its position as the second-largest in the world. This intricate network encompasses 1,40,995 km of National Highways, 1,71,039 km of State Highways, and 60,59,813 km of other roads. The past 7 years have witnessed remarkable expansion, with National Highways surging by over 50% from 2014 to 2021. Notably, the Union Budget 2023 elevates the allocation for the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways by a substantial 68%.
Embark on the journey to expand the National Highways network by an additional 25,000 km in the upcoming year, setting a resolute target. Leading the charge is the transformative Bharatmala Pariyojna, an extensive highways development initiative designed to bridge vital infrastructure gaps. The inaugural Phase-I encompasses a staggering 34,800 km with an impressive investment outlay of USD 64 billion. Join hands with progress as we navigate the pathways of growth in India's Roads & Highways sector.

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India has the one of largest road networks across the world

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