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Navigating the Retail & E-commerce Horizon: Uncover Investment Avenues.
Witness the dynamic fusion of retail and e-commerce in India, a realm offering unparalleled investment potential.

In the illustrious Global Retail Development Index (GRDI) rankings of 2021, India ascends to the prestigious No. 2 spot, beckoning retailers to its thriving landscape. With e-commerce permeating close to 100% of India's pin codes, the country is poised for unprecedented growth. Empowered by surging internet and smartphone usage, the retail and e-commerce sector boasts remarkable expansion. By 2030, this sector is projected to burgeon into a robust 350 billion-dollar domain.
Guided by the visionary National E-Commerce Policy of 2019, an encompassing regulatory framework is taking shape, designed to propel e-commerce's growth trajectory. At its core, this policy fosters infrastructure development to amplify data storage capabilities, aligning India with the digital future. Join the journey of transformation as you explore investment opportunities in India's vibrant retail and e-commerce sphere.

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Food Retail

198 Opportunities

USD 0.39 mn worth

Indian retail market is projected to reach USD 1.2 Tn by 2020

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Project ID: 606242

Rural Retail Business Services, Pan India Project

USD 0.38 mn

Sub Sector | Food Retail
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Project ID: 602825

Navarang Rangoli

USD 12,574

State(s) | Karnataka Sub Sector | Food Retail

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    14 October
  • The Consumer Protection Act, 2019

    To establish authorities for timely and effective administration and settlement of consumers' disputes and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto

  • FDI policy revision for retail

    This policy intends to liberalise and simplify the FDI policy so as to provide ease of doing business in the country. In turn, it will lead to larger FDI inflows contributing to growth of investment, income and employment.

  • National Traders' Welfare Board

    To identify policy measures to achieve the objective of welfare of traders and their employees

  • Direct Selling Guidelines

    It is envisaged in the guidelines that the State Government will set up a mechanism to monitor the activities of Direct Sellers.

  • New FDI e-Commerce Policy on e-Commerce industry 2019

    For the growth of the e-Commerce sector, a conducive regulatory environment has been provided under the extant laws and regulations which grant legal recognition to entities in the sector.

  • Model Shops and Establishments (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Bill, 2016

    It proposes to allow malls, cinema halls, restaurants and other retailing establishments to remain open on all days.

  • E-Commerce guidelines for Consumer Protection 2019

    The Department of Consumer Affairs proposes to issue guidelines on e-Commerce for protection of the interests of the consumers.

  • National E-commerce Policy 2019 (draft)

    The National e-Commerce Policy addresses six broad issues of the e-commerce ecosystem viz. (i) data; (ii) infrastructure development;(iii) e-commerce marketplaces; (iv) regulatory issues; (v) stimulating domestic digital economy; and (vi) export promotion through e-commerce.

  • Amendments for FDI in E-commerce 2018

    Guidelines for FDI in B2B and B2C E-commerce

  • Amendments for FDI in E-commerce 2016

    Guidelines for FDI in B2B and B2C E-commerce

  • FDI Policy clarification on Food Product Retail Trading

    Allows 100% FDI under Government approval route for retail trading.