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Forging Beneath the Earth: Exploring Investment Prospects in India's Metals & Mining Realm.
Embark on a journey of investment within India's vibrant Metals & Mining sector, a realm brimming with potential and transformative opportunities.
India's stature in the global arena shines as it ranks third in aluminium and chromite production, fourth in iron ore, lead, and zinc, and fifth in bauxite production. A treasure trove of 95 minerals unfolds, encompassing 4 fuel, 10 metallic, 23 non-metallic, 3 atomic, and 55 minor minerals. The landscape reveals 1,332 reported mines, painting a vivid picture of activity.
The sector's value echoes progress, with metallic minerals in 2020-21 surging to USD 8.4 billion, registering a remarkable 4.02% increase. In sync with global sustainability aspirations, the industry gears to slash carbon emissions by 30-40% by 2030.
Championing transformation, the National Mineral Policy 2019 envisions transparency, robust regulation, and sustainable mining practices. The policy lays a path of exploration incentives, luring private investments into the sector's fold.
Discover investment opportunities in Metals & Mining projects in India, where the nation's subterranean riches await your exploration and contribution.

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India produces as many as 95 minerals


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