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Engineering Progress: Exploring Investment Prospects in India's Machinery & Equipment Domain.
Delve into promising investment prospects within India's dynamic machinery & equipment sector, a pivotal contributor encompassing about 8% of manufacturing value and 1.5% of the nation's GDP.
Nestled within its folds are 10 components, with electrical equipment reigning as the largest sub-sector, trailed by plant equipment and earthmoving/mining machinery. At the heart of innovation, the National Manufacturing Policy seeks to propel the manufacturing sector's GDP contribution to 25% by 2025, aligning with India's growth ambitions.
Unveiling vistas of advancement, the Production-linked Incentive (PLI) scheme emerges as a catalyst. With a robust worth of USD 3.53 billion, this visionary scheme empowers the auto and drone industries, bolstering India's manufacturing prowess to global standards.
Explore investment opportunities in Machinery & Equipment projects in India, where engineering excellence drives progress and innovation.

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  • 1 Opportunities
  • USD 0.53 mn Worth

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Machinery & Equipment

1 Opportunities

USD 0.53 mn worth

The industry provides approximately 8.4 million jobs in India.

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