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Uttarakhand, the state with the 3rd highest hydropower potential is richly endowed with water and forest resources and a strong logistical connectivity. It has a total installed power capacity of 3,400 MW of which nearly 74% is produced by renewable energy sources. The state currently produces about 3,750 MW hydropower, while it has the potential to generate over 18,000 MW. It presents a unique investment opportunity across sectors including agro-based industries, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, electronics, wellness and tourism and IT and ITes.


  • 269 Opportunities
  • USD 11.56 bn Worth

Mode of Implementation

  • 117 Others
  • 107 EPC
  • 15 PPP
  • 13 To Be Finalized
  • 5 Turnkey
  • 2 Not Disclosed
  • 2 Hybrid Annuity
  • 0 Swiss Challenge
Uttarakhand | Requirement



184 Opportunities

worth USD 7.02 bn

A key driver of India's infrastructural growth


22 Opportunities

worth USD 2.71 bn

India has seen the fastest investment growth in energy in the world

Social Infrastructure

16 Opportunities

worth USD 1.18 bn

India is building extensive social infrastructure with a string focus on health and education

Real Estate

9 Opportunities

worth USD 14.26 mn

Urban area population will increase from 460 to 600 million between 2018-31

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    14 October
  • Uttarakhand Tourism Policy 2018

    To promote Uttarakhand as a medical tourism destination

  • Uttarakhand Startup Policy, 2018

    To facilitate and nurture growth of new startups and create a spirit of entrepreneurship.

  • IDS 2017 General Operational Guidelines for HP and Uttarakhand

    Incentives under the Industrial Development Scheme 2017 for HP and Uttarakhand

  • Uttarakhand MSME Policy 2015

    Aims at promoting investment in the MSME sector through investment promotion as well as to incentivize MSMEs.

  • Uttarakhand Biotechnology Policy 2018 - 23

    To develop infrastructure, ease the clearance processes, and promote investments and R&D in the sector.

  • Uttarakhand Mega Textile Park Policy 2014

    Aims at promoting textile sector and establishing mega textile parks in Uttarakhand.

  • Uttarakhand Solar Energy Policy 2013

    To promote usage of solar energy as a power source, and set up solar power plants in the state.

  • Uttarakhand Mega Industrial & Investment Policy 2015

    Aims at promoting investment in large and mega industrial projects in the state.

  • Uttarakhand Aroma Park Policy 2018

    To develop infrastructure for the development of aromatic sector in the state

  • Uttarakhand IT Policy 2018

    To promote investments, establish world class infrastructure and Single Window Clearance system.

  • Industrial Development Scheme for Himachal Pradesh (HP) & Uttarakhand, 2017 (Amended Oct 2018)

    To promote industrialisation in the states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

  • Uttarakhand Power Generation from Pine Tree Policy, 2018

    To promote generation of renewable power using Pine leaves and other biomass.