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Redefining Journeys: Unveiling Investment Prospects in India's Railway Domain.
Discover the boundless investment prospects within India's vast railway sector, propelling the nation's connectivity and growth.
As the fourth-largest railway network globally, Indian railways envision capturing a substantial 40% global rail activity share by 2050. Not just a mode of transport, this sector holds the distinction of being India's largest employer and the world's eighth-largest. The visionary National Rail Plan (NRP) 2030 anticipates bolstering capacity to meet future demand, targeting a 45% modal share in freight traffic by 2050. An initiative under NRP, Vision 2024, accelerates critical projects such as electrification, multi-tracking, and speed enhancements on key routes.
The momentum is unstoppable. The FY 2023-24 is set to witness expansive growth, as reflected in the Union Budget's capital allocation of USD 29 billion—significantly surpassing the cumulative outlay since 2013-14. Step onto the tracks of progress by investing in India's thriving railways.

Railways Snapshot

  • 822 Opportunities
  • USD 251.52 bn Worth

Mode of Implementation

  • 647 EPC
  • 80 To Be Finalized
  • 43 Others
  • 39 PPP
  • 12 Pure Private
  • 1 Not Disclosed
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Sub-Sectors in Railways

Railway Track

708 Opportunities

USD 202.86 bn worth

The Indian Railways route length network is spread over 1,23,236 km.

Railway Rolling Stock

75 Opportunities

USD 46.2 bn worth

Until FY 25 20% of estimated railway capital expenditure is earmarked for production of locomotive and rolling stocks

Railway Terminal Infrastructure

39 Opportunities

USD 2.46 bn worth

Vision 2025 aims at completing multiple tracking works of 14,100 km on high density network and highly utilised network.

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