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Stepping in success: Exploring Investment in India's Leather Domain.
Unveil captivating investment opportunities in India's thriving leather sector, a nation that claims the title of the world's second-largest exporter of leather garments and the fourth-largest exporter of leather goods.
India commands a noteworthy 13% of global leather production, emerging as both the second-largest producer and consumer of leather footwear. The rhythmic pulse of leather manufacturing resonates across strategic locations, including Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, and more.
Igniting growth and progress, the Indian Footwear and Leather Development Programme (IFLDP) scheme strides forward. This visionary initiative fuels infrastructure development, production escalation, investment facilitation, and employment generation. With USD 220 million earmarked until 2026, this scheme steers the course for a vibrant leather industry.
Immerse yourself in investment opportunities in Leather projects in India, crafting a path towards sophistication and success.

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  • 3 Opportunities
  • USD 168.09 mn Worth

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Common Infrastructure for Industrial Parks

3 Opportunities

USD 168.09 mn worth

3376 GIS mapped Industrial Parks/ Estates/ Clusters/ Nodes identified in India

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