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About Haryana

Haryana has observed fast paced and steady economic growth with a CAGR of 12.66% between 2011-12 and 2017-18. Haryana was ranked amongst the top 3 fastest-growing States in the States of Growth analysis by CRISIL in 2018. Also, state is the largest producer of passenger vehicles and motorcycles in India. Haryana has also emerged as a base for the knowledge industry, including IT and biotechnology.


  • 308 Opportunities
  • USD 35.34 bn Worth

Mode of Implementation

  • 183 EPC
  • 50 PPP
  • 14 To Be Finalized
  • 4 Others
  • 2 Pure Private
Haryana | Requirement



115 Opportunities

worth USD 21.18 bn

A key driver of India's infrastructural growth

Water & Sanitation

31 Opportunities

worth USD 228.95 mn

Har Ghar Nal se Jal and Swachh Bharat Schemes are helping India leap ahead in providing safe water and sanitation


29 Opportunities

worth USD 10.14 bn

Government is implementing 35 Multi Modal Logistics Parks (MMLP)

Social Infrastructure

25 Opportunities

worth USD 787.89 mn

India is building extensive social infrastructure with a string focus on health and education

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    14 October
  • Haryana Logistics, Warehousing & Retail Policy 2019

    To attract investments in the sector, develop logistics parks and generate employment

  • Haryana Public Procurement Policy for MSMEs 2016

    To extend special benefits/ concessions to Haryana-based micro, small and medium industrial enterprises.

  • Haryana Textile Policy 2019

    To attract investments in textile sector and promote exports

  • Haryana Entrepreneur Startup Policy 2017

    To become a resourceful and inventive start-up hub of the country.

  • Haryana Pharmaceutical Policy 2019

    To promote investments and develop Haryana into a hub for pharmaceutical manufacturing by facilitating and creating a holistic industry, academia and R&D ecosystem

  • Haryana Cyber Security Policy 2017

    To build and augment a secure and resilient cyberspace for citizens, businesses and Government.

  • Haryana Agri-Business and Food Processing Policy 2018

    To make Haryana a clear destination of choice for investments in Food processing sector

  • Haryana Communication Connectivity Infrastructure Policy 2017

    To encourage the use of latest technology advancements in the telecom sector and innovative business models.

  • Haryana Film Policy

    To promote the state as a favoured destination for film-makers

  • Haryana Enterprises Promotion Policy 2015

    To position Haryana as a pre-eminent investment destination and facilitate balanced regional and sustainable development

  • Haryana Solar Power Policy 2016

    To create a conducive environment for setting up of solar energy projects.

  • Haryana IT ESDM Policy 2017

    To make Haryana a clear destination of choice for investments in IT and ESDM sector.