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Real Estate | Public Space Development

625 Opportunities

worth USD 4.71 bn

Public Space Development caters to infrastructure areas which are not covered by other sectors under IIG.

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Real Estate | Residential

198 Opportunities

worth USD 14.62 bn

Residential segment contributes nearly 80% to the overall real estate development in the country

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Real Estate | Commercial

182 Opportunities

worth USD 1.34 bn

Commercial real estate has been the most preferred sector for investment in Indian between 2016 and 2018.

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Real Estate | Industry Related Parks / Zones

62 Opportunities

worth USD 10.63 bn

SEZs are a special category of industrial parks.

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Electronics | Electronics

1 Opportunities

The Indian electronics market is one of the largest in the world and is expected to reach USD 400 Bn in 2020.

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Balajidham Buildestates Pvt. Ltd.

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State(s) | Rajasthan Sub-Sector | Electronics

Real Estate | Retail Chains/Shops

1 Opportunities

worth USD 2.65 mn

Delhi-NCR accounts for almost 32% of total retail space in India.