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Energy | Electricity T&D

102 Opportunities

worth USD 1.75 bn

3rd largest producer and 4th largest consumer of electricity in the world

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Energy | Solar Energy

86 Opportunities

worth USD 10.82 bn

Globally, India ranks 6th in the total solar power installed.

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Energy | Hydro Energy

49 Opportunities

worth USD 4.03 bn

More than 2/3rd of the country's hydro-energy potential is yet to be tapped

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Energy | Bio-Power Energy

10 Opportunities

worth USD 104.47 mn

32% of the total primary energy use in the country is derived from biomass

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Energy | Thermal Energy

9 Opportunities

worth USD 7.06 bn

India has the 5th highest installed thermal power capacity globally

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Energy | Wind Energy

2 Opportunities

worth USD 42.8 mn

India ranks 4th globally in grid connected wind power installations.