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The Indian Railways, an engineering marvel, boasts an extensive track network spanning approximately 126,366 km, encompassing 67,956 km of routes, and linking a vast network of 7,335 stations. India proudly ranks as the fourth-largest country globally in terms of its railway network, with a fleet of 22,593 operational trains. Each day, a staggering 24 million passengers and a colossal 203.88 million tonnes of freight traverse the tracks. In the fiscal year 2022, passenger traffic soared to 3.54 billion, compared to 1.28 billion in FY21. As a testament to future prospects, an impressive USD 715.41 billion investment is earmarked for rail infrastructure by 2030. India's railways are making significant strides, with electrification covering 81.51% of the Broad Gauge (BG) network, and the introduction of India's own Semi High-Speed train, the Vande Bharat Express, achieving a remarkable top speed of 160 kmph. Explore investment opportunities in the Railway Track sector and participate in this transformational journey.

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