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Last Updated on ' Dec 02, 2021 '
It is the first and the only healthcare company to offer a unique upscale urgent care business model combined with a freestanding emergency room service in India. The Management Team comprises of renowned pioneers and leaders in the Indian healthcare sector with successful track record of managing major healthcare companies, creating long lasting institutions, and realizing tremendous value for investors internationally and in India. The Company aims to provide a more improved, accessible and affordable experience in India than is being currently provided by the emergency rooms of private and/or government run hospitals by recruiting the top doctors and nurses in India. Aapka Urgicare Pvt. Ltd. is a socially conscientious business that not only plans on providing top tier service at a fraction of the cost of private hospitals in India but also to offer significantly above market compensation for our doctors, nurses and other medical staff to retain and motivate top talent-while seeking superior returns for our investors. The Urgent Care Centre Hospital concept originates from the analytical observation that 70 of Emergency Room Visits do not require hospitalization, thus cutting down on wasteful expenditure and man hours. UCC Hospitals deliver ambulatory services and dedicated facilities for immediate medical treatment on a 24-hour walk-in basis. The Hospitals offer clinical capabilities, skill and experience to treat most episodic healthcare needs, including the ability to diagnose and stabilize cardiac arrest, stroke symptoms, breathing problems and most trauma incidents. Aapka Urgicare Pvt. Ltd. is the pioneer in urgent care and primary emergency care in India. The Company has strategic relationships with leading providers of healthcare technology providers globally and major players in the Indian healthcare landscape, using cutting edge technology, in its dedication to provide high quality and timely care for most medical conditions requiring immediate attention.
Pharma, Biotech & Lifesciences
Sub Sector
Medical Equipment / Devices
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Register Address
G-51/B &G-52, Upper Floor, Shaheen Bagh, Kalindi Kunj Road New Delhi South Delhi DL 110025 IN
Key Products/Services
Physiotherapy & Rehab Service Urgent Treatment Service Consult Rooms Service 24X7 ACLS Ambulance Service Asthma Care Treatment Service Digital X-Ray Service Cardiac Monitoring Service Thrombolysis Service Cardiac Resuscitation Service Lab Service Pharmacy Service Ear Wax Removal Service Feeding Tube Injection Administration Service Vaccination Service Dialysis Service Dental Service Surgical Procedures Service IV Infusion Service Ultrasound Service
Key Resources/Assets
Health and Social Work in Delhi
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