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Driving Progress: Invest in India's Road and Traffic Infrastructure Transformation.
Description: India proudly boasts the world's second-largest road network, setting a world record by constructing an astounding 38 km of roads each day. With a colossal 63.72 lakh km of roads, including 1,44,634 km of National Highways, 1,86,908 km of State Highways, and 59,02,539 km of other roads, India's road infrastructure is a cornerstone of connectivity. Although National Highways comprise only 2% of the total network, they handle a remarkable 40% of the country's road traffic. The government's aggressive push for National highway construction is evident, with the pace increasing from 12 km/day in 2014-15 to about 29 km/day in 2021-22. The Bharatmala Pariyojana Phase-I is a transformative initiative aimed at bridging infrastructural gaps in the national highway network, connecting previously isolated regions, and enhancing economic development. Explore investment opportunities in the thriving Road/Traffic Infra sector and be a driving force in shaping India's future.

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  • 40 Opportunities
  • USD 9.47 bn Worth

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  • 35 EPC
  • 2 To Be Finalized
  • 1 PPP
  • 0 Pure Private
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