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India currently produces around 95 minerals under different groups, with fuel minerals, metallic minerals, non-metallic minerals, atomic minerals and minor minerals. He country has immense potential for mining resources and reserves and is currently among the top 10 global producers of many minerals. India is the 3rd largest producer of coal, with coal production in the country at 688.8 million tonnes in FY18. India also ranks 4th in terms of iron ore production globally and hosts around 8 percent of the world’s deposits. In FY18, production of iron ore stood at 210 million tonnes. India also became the world second largest crude steel producer in 2018 with an output of 106.5 million tonnes. According to Ministry of Mines, India also has the 7th largest bauxite reserves in the world. To encourage balanced social and economic growth and investments in this sector, the National Mineral Policy 2019 was launched with a focus on transparency and better regulation and enforcement.


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India is home to 1,531 operating mines and produces 95 minerals

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  • National Mineral Policy 2019

    To promote sustainable extraction of minerals, and create an environment conducive to ease of doing business.

  • National Mineral Exploration policy, 2016

    The National Mineral Exploration policy document spells out the strategy and outlines the action plan that the Government will adopt to ensure comprehensive exploration of country?s mineral resources (non-fuel and non-coal).

  • National Steel Policy

    The new Steel Policy enshrines the long term vision of the Government to give impetus to the steel sector. It seeks to enhance domestic steel consumption and ensure high quality steel production and create a technologically advanced and globally competitive steel industry.

  • Mines and Mineral Development and Regulation Act

    An Act to provide for the development and regulation of mines and minerals under the supervision and control of the Government of India.

  • National Mineral Exploration Trust (NMET)

    The Indian Government has created NMET to increase spending on the exploration activity that would facilitate high growth in the mining sector. NMET will give a fillip to the exploration in the country by undertaking large scale exploration projects.