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Bulk Material Transportation Pipelines

About Bulk Material Transportation Pipelines

At present, about a 16,789 km long gas pipeline network is under operation. In recent years there has been huge impetus on increasing the mix of natural gas as source of energy with government envisaging a National Gas Grid to remove regional imbalance and provide access of natural gas to both domestic as well as industrial users throughout the country. About 14,700 km long additional gas pipeline has been approved and is at various stages of development to complete the grid. Further, in order to make natural gas available to public at large, the government has emphasised on expansion of City Gas Distibution (CGD) network coverage across the country. CGD network ensures the supply of cleaner fuel (i.e., petroleum natural gas) to households, industrial and commercial units as well as transportation fuel (i.e., compressed natural gas) to vehicles. Under NIP, 17 projects worth INR 51,860 crore and 35 projects worth INR 52,278 crore to be implemented under gas pipelines and oil pipelines respectively.


  • 1162 Opportunities
  • USD 52.81 bn Worth

Mode of Implementation

  • 503 EPC
  • 166 To Be Finalized
  • 15 PPP
  • 1 Pure Private
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