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Counseling Centre

Last Updated on Feb 27, 2020

CSR ID: 5141

Counselling centre for school kids for their psychological and emotional well being

Project Snapshot
  • Sector
  • Sub-Sector
    Healthcare & Wellness
Funding Details
  • Funding Requirement (in USD)
    2.57 mn
Other Funding Detail
  • Total no. of required centres across the districts are 141. The cost of establishing one centre is INR 14,50,000 (inclusive of cost of estbalishment, salary of counsellor for 10 months, salary of assistant for 10 months)
Project Location| Jind, Haryana India
Address 1:

Haryana, Jind

Address 2:

Haryana, Sirsa

Address 3:

Haryana, Bhiwani

Address 4:

Haryana, Charkhi Dadri

Address 5:

Haryana, Fatehabad

Address 6:

Haryana, Hisar

Address 7:

Haryana, Karnal

Address 8:

Haryana, Panipat

Address 9:

Haryana, Rohtak

Address 10:

Haryana, Sonipat

Address 11:

Haryana, Jhajjar

Address 12:

Haryana, Faridabad

Address 13:

Haryana, Nuh

Address 14:

Haryana, Gurugram

Address 15:

Haryana, Mahendragarh

Address 16:

Haryana, Palwal

Address 17:

Haryana, Rewari

Address 18:

Haryana, Panchkula

Address 19:

Haryana, Ambala

Address 20:

Haryana, Kurukshetra

Address 21:

Haryana, Yamunanagar

Address 22:

Haryana, Kaithal

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