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Centre of Excellence on Agricultural Innovation and Research.

Last Updated on Mar 27, 2020

CSR ID: 10038

The Project focuses on following agendas- 1. Innovations and technology upgrade based on real time problems. 2. Real time Problems obtained from extension work among the farmers. 3. This will serve as a platform for the researchers to collect the information on real time agricultural problems, develop solutions on the same based on various technologies and further distribution of the innovative solutions among the farmers will solve the problems at their end. 4. This Center attached to the Krishi Vigyan Kendra Baramati, ATAL Incubation Centre at Baramati and Agriculture College, these will facilitate easy dissemination of technology among the intended beneficiaries i.e. farmers. 5. Use of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture will help monitor the field and the crops and take proper precautions to avoid damages from climate change, pest infections, water scarcity etc. 6. Research in fields such as Integrated Pest Management Systems will reduce the use of Chemicals in the agricultural production thereby decreasing the soil, water, air pollution. This will also minimize the risk to the human health associated with use of farming chemical inputs. 7. One of the major problems faced by the agriculture industry today in India is lack of skilled labors. Innovative use of mechanization and robotics will provide solution to such problems and in long run transform agriculture into more profitable business entity. 8. Technological research in Intercultural operations like sowing, pruning and use of mechanization, will further reduce the physical work a farmer has to perform and thereby boost the farmers standard of living and health.

Project Impact

Farmers within State of Maharashtra

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    Technology Incubators
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    Infrastructure & Facilities
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    4.19 mn
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  • project not started yet
Project Location| Pune, Maharashtra India
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Maharashtra, Pune

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