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Centre of Excellence on Agricultural Processing-An End to End Platform for Value addition to farm produce.

Last Updated on Mar 27, 2020

CSR ID: 10037

The model focuses on enhancing the farmers income, while providing a significant solution towards meeting the world hunger in an innovative way while simultaneously working towards eradication of extreme hunger, malnutrition and also wastage of Farm produce in Indian and in the long run worldwide. The project is also directed towards providing infrastructure facilities to Innovative Processing based Startups as entrepreneurship and Innovation promotion activity. AIC-ADT Baramati Foundation under its host organization Agricultural Development Trust Baramati working in the fields of rural, women and farmer upliftment is closely associated with rural Maharashtra for more than 45 years now. Through the organizations different fronts, the organization has been active in providing technical guidance, infrastructure support, networking platforms and learning opportunities to farmers, women, students, startups and individuals especially in the domain of Agriculture and Food. Through this project we aim at providing enhanced technical and infrastructure support to the Agri and Food Processing sectors in a way that they will be able to process any agricultural produce at our facility in innovative way without having to make huge investments on their processing unit setup extending the support until product Certification. Frequent, vast price fluctuations are observed in the market for agricultural produce. It is observed frequently that farmer throw their produce on roads due to lesser prices in market. This Centre of Excellence in Agri Processing will provide End to End services to such farmers who are not able to fetch good price for their produce. Centre includes facilities of Cold storage, Value addition and Promotion and Export of Processed Farm Produce.

Project Impact

Farmers and Startups within State of Maharashtra initially and across the India. Providing an End to End platform to farmers to prevent wastage of agricultural produce and to meet the increasing demand of processing or value added product enable to fetch good price to farmers for their produce.

Project Snapshot
  • Sector
  • Sub-Sector
    Technology Incubators
  • CSR Sub-Sector Brief
    Infrastructure & Facilities
Funding Details
  • Funding Requirement (in USD)
    2.75 mn
  • Funding Status
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  • Project not started yet
Project Location| Pune, Maharashtra India
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Maharashtra, Pune

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