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Hardware R&D Lab

Last Updated on Mar 27, 2020

CSR ID: 10016

AIC Sangam believes in supporting and building hardware technology for bringing changes in the market ecosystem to prevent climate change. The hardware based start-ups require access to sophisticated instruments in order to validate their ideas or build the prototypes. Start-ups cannot afford such tools and machineries as a result of which they keep postponing their deadlines. Due to high cost and absence of access to tech facility lot of start-ups fail in early stage as they are unable transit from ideation to prototyping stage. In their initial stages they seek a place where they can assemble and develop a minimum viable product. Not all the start-ups have access to premier institutes that host such labs and as a result of which many good products are never launched in the market. We can cater such start-ups and facilitate them with workspace and mentorship through industrial connects. Hardware start-ups can use this workspace until they start generating some revenue and are in a position to set up their own facilities. A workspace that has following workshops and labs will be a big boost for a start-ups in their journey- 1. Machine shop 2. Fitting shop 3. Carpentry shop 4. Welding shop 5. Sheet metal shop 6. Foundry shop 7. Smithy shop 8. Measurement and control lab 9. Electrical lab Equipment like robotic arms, metallic 3-D printers, pulping machines, blenders, hardness testing machine and many more can pace up start-up timeline significantly.

Project Impact

1] This lab will help at-least 20 technologies to surface annually. 2] This will cater to multiple job opportunities 3] Reduce the start-up failure ratio. 4] Promote innovation 5] Will help mitigate climate change through entrepreneurship.

Project Snapshot
  • Sector
  • Sub-Sector
    Technology Incubators
  • CSR Sub-Sector Brief
    Infrastructure & Facilities
Funding Details
  • Funding Requirement (in USD)
    0.41 mn
  • Funding Status
    Partially funded
Other Funding Detail
  • Partly funded [Rs. 1 Cr from AIM, Rs. 50 Lakhs from Infineon Technologies]
Project Location| Gurugram, Haryana India
Address 1:

Haryana, Gurugram

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