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Development in North-East India's Infrastructure

- May 2023 | By Ansh Luthra

Northeast India has seen significant development in infrastructure in recent years, with a focus on road, aviation, telecom, power, railway, inland waterways, water, and health sectors. The government's efforts have resulted in numerous opportunities for investors, with a total investment potential of over USD 150 billion specifically for North-East India. This development has unlocked the region's potential for growth and made it an attractive destination for investors, contributing to India's economy

Northeast India, which consists of the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Tripura has witnessed unprecedented growth and development in various sectors due to the government's focus on developing infrastructure at par with the global standards.


Road Infrastructure in North-East India has been a major focus of the government's efforts to develop the region. In the last 7 years, the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has completed a total of 4100+ km of road projects in the region. Encompassing more than 450 projects worth USD 30+ billion, the India Investment Grid (IIG) showcases many opportunities for Road Infrastructure in North-East India.


The development of Aviation Infrastructure in North-East India has also been a priority, with 17 airports made operational in the region as opposed to 9 airports till 2014. Additionally, the Department of Telecommunications has undertaken projects to strengthen Telecomm Infrastructure in North-East India, with 1,350+ towers installed covering 1,200+ villages and providing 4G services in the 5600+ North-Eastern villages.


The Ministry of Power has undertaken power generation projects, while the transmission and distribution network has also been strengthened in the North-Eastern States. Electricity Generation opportunities in North-East India have seen a massive increase with Hydro-Power projects taking centre stage. In under 9 years, Thermal Energy installed capacity has risen by 30%, Hydro Power installed capacity has increased by 56% and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) has risen by 110%. Opportunities on IIG in this sector have more than 100+ projects worth USD 26+ billion specifically for North-East India.


Railway Infrastructure in North-East India has also been given emphasis, with 19 railway infrastructure projects undertaken during the last three years. Two projects for the development of the Inland Waterway Transport infrastructure on two National Waterways (NW-2 and NW-16) have also been sanctioned by the Government of India. Inland Waterways in North-East India have immense capability to enhance the connectivity of the region to the rest of the world. Thus, North-East India has many opportunities in this sector with IIG offering more than 200 projects to investors.


On the societal infrastructure front, Water-related projects in North-East India have been made a priority under the direction of the government. Water connectivity to households through Jal Jeevan Mission increased immensely in just under 4 years. Only 2.9% of all households in the North-East region had tap water connections in 2019, which has now increased to a sizeable 52.5% coverage.


Health Sector in North-East India too witnessed a similar change in infrastructure with the creation of over 5,700+ Health and Wellness Centres in 8 years. More recently, AIIMS Guwahati was inaugurated as the first AIIMS of the North-East region. IIG offers opportunities in this sector which run up to USD 1.4+ billion specifically for North-East India.


The development of infrastructure in the Northeast has not only improved connectivity but has also led to the growth of various sectors like tourism, agriculture, education, waste and water, sports and real estate. North-East India has become an attractive destination for investors, and the government is committed to developing it as the gateway to the Southeast Asian nations.


In conclusion, the region has come a long way in terms of infrastructure development, and the government's efforts have resulted in significant progress in bringing the investible opportunities in North-East India to a global platform. The region's potential for growth and development has been unlocked, and it is now poised to become a major contributor to India's economy